Are You A Mommy Boss?
I started Mommy Boss, Weight Loss after becoming pregnant because I felt a huge disconnect from everyone else. Especially when it came to health and fitness. I felt 0 support. 

There are so many weight loss programs out there but none are focused on moms. Which is so needed! And you may be wondering why... sounds so vain… but let’s face it… 

We have one of the most hectic and important jobs in this world with zero time off. So when someone hands us a crazy weight loss program that only shows us what to eat and how to workout… we tend to fall off easy. Can anyone relate?

No one is showing how to invest time in ourselves so we can build healthy habits - not only for us but for our families too. 
Major things left out in weight loss programs...
- Time management
- How to build habits
- Meals that cater to the whole family so you aren’t stuck making a million different meals
- Quick and EFFECTIVE workouts that can be done ANYWHERE
and best of all how to deal with the stress of no sleep and nonstop work
I made it my mission to help moms and moms to be get back on track once and for all. No more feeling guilty for investing in you. No more feeling sluggish. No more hating what you see in the mirror. No more feeling INSANELY overwhelmed and stressed out!

I want to help YOU overcome the mental blocks of feeling guilty when investing time or money into yourself. Together we will break those old habits of not sticking to your health and fitness so you can step back into the mommy boss superwoman that you are. We all know moms are the backbone of a family, so we need to focus on empowering YOU so you can continue to do a kick ass job at raising your babies! 

My name is Tana and I have been a certified personal trainer for 10 years and I've been in the fitness industry for 15 years. I specialize in weight loss, behavior change and pregnancy/postpartum fitness. 

I have helped women worldwide for the past 7 years find consistent success in weight loss, healthy eating habits and self-confidence. These shifts helped them achieve AND KEEP their dream bodies all through the simplicity of my programs.

Through this I realized how confusing it was for moms and mom-to-be to find what both her - and baby - need. When I became pregnant, I went through the same struggle

I didn't want to gain a ton of weight during pregnancy. I didn't want to be in pain from achy joints or swelling. I wanted my baby and I to be healthy! I also wanted to have a faster labor, delivery and recovery so I could be energized for my newborn. 

And of course, I wanted to get my body back quickly so I could get back in that little black dress for date night with my hunny!

I spent countless hours researching and studying different websites, trying to figure out what was safe. Who can relate?!

Everything was so confusing... and the more I talked to other moms and moms-to-be, I saw they were running into the same issues. I knew things had to change. 

Then BOOM the idea for Mommy Boss, Weight Loss hit me like a ton of bricks. A perfect place for moms and moms-to-be! 

I built a huge community with incredible moms and moms-to-be who wanted to renew their confidence, to get their bodies back, and most importantly, some time to invest in themselves! 

Society makes us feel guilty for wanting to have these things but it is so important we do. How are we going to serve our family at our best if we aren't at our best? 

So I made this simple challenge to get moms and moms-to-be in the habit of taking a few minutes for themselves. It's called the "5 for 5 Challenge". We totally ease into the process so you don't feel overwhelmed at any point.

You can do this. You are worthy of feeling your best!
You deserve "me" time so you can finally get back to your dream body! NOW JOIN ME!!!

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